Welcome to Automation Ramblings

This blog is a brain dump of automation topics, tips, or hacks. Sometimes may contain just links to other peoples blogs or shameless plugs for something I’m doing publicly. But there are only two rules to the topics that will be covered:

  • Interesting to me
  • Hopefully interesting to others

I’ve been lucky enough to have a job where I have been working with VMware vRealize Automation and Puppet Enterprise for 5 years. I am a coding hack so don’t use this blog for best practices in writing code, but hopefully I can shed some light on automation examples and tricks I have learned. Also I’m an engineer and not an English major so don’t expect a literary masterpiece from these pages either.

VMware vRealize Automation 8.x is a new beast and I will be sharing my journey from 7.x –> 8.x as to whats new, different, broken, sucks, awesome, or just unique. Will be tossing in alternative topics as they come up as well.

My name is Trent by the way. I’ve been attending VMworld and VMUG events for several years and have had the privilege to present on various automation topics at these events. If you see me come say “Hi”. I’m the guy in the camp or Hawaiian shirt.

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